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Our Global Footprint

The company’s presence has been steadily expanding from South Africa into different regions across Africa, and reaching as far as the United States and the United Kingdom.

Your Global Partner in Marketing Data Generation and Distribution

We operate across various territories and industries, partnering deeply with our clients and helping them to reach their marketing goals.

Experience is Everything

We have a 17-year track record of being an industry leader in the data and performance marketing space. All our technology, data, marketing services and resources are housed in our Head Quarters in South Africa. Over the last 10 years we have expanded this model to work in multiple other markets at scale.

Legal and Compliance

Data compliance is a key driver to our success and non-negotiable. We employ an in-house legal team that ensures all regulations are met and all our data is secure and compliant.

Data and Technology

We use data science and technology to generate sustainable lead volumes at scale. However, we recognise volume without quality is worthless. Therefore, we measure success by conversion ratios and persistency – or in other words – quality sales and customers.

Top-Tier Call Centre Partners

Partnering with a variety of call centres over the years, we have delivered a multitude of successful campaigns for our clients.

The benefits of having multiple partners:
  • Ability to scale campaigns up and down quickly.
  • Drives better performance.
  • Not all call centres are appropriate for all products, therefore we carefully select the right partner for each campaign.
  • 24 Hour Service that allows calls to be made any time day or night, despite time zones.
  • Language optionality.

Turnkey Marketing and Sales Options

We offer 3 categories:

Marketing Data Generation

Data flows directly into our clients’ call centre or call centre partner.

Data Generation and Sales

3Way will handle the entire acquisition funnel from data generation to closing sales.

BPO Services

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Flexible Commercial Models

We either charge per lead, per sale, annuity, or hybrid models. Our aim is to partner with our clients for the long term and as such we aim to align on commercial agreements that are mutually beneficial.