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We are the largest marketing data generation and distribution company in South Africa and rapidly expanding globally.

Connecting clients to customers using smart data and world class technology, we deliver the right product at the right time. We oversee the entire process, starting from the initial brief and extending through data segmentation, distribution, delivery, and reporting. Our flexible approach enables us to promptly adapt and respond to the ongoing performance of your campaign. The most advantageous aspect? We operate under a shared risk model, which means that our success aligns with your success.

Our Competitive Edge!

Established in 2007, our extensive experience across various channels has made us adept at connecting with individuals who are highly likely to become your customers. Leveraging the potential of exponential connections, we have contributed to the growth of some of Africa’s most prominent consumer-oriented brands. Here’s what distinguishes us:

The quality of our data.

Our exclusive and external databases are enriched through customer interactions across a wide range of digital marketing channels. As a result, we have a more comprehensive insight into the customers who express interest in your products or services.

Industry Experts.

We focus on industries, which encompass insurance, credit, phones, and VAS, and we excel in successfully implementing campaigns within these sectors.

Our global footprint.

We have the largest opt-in database in South Africa which means you can tap into an extensive pool of potential customers. Furthermore, our international expansion allows us to bring our expertise to new geographical areas.

Risk Based Performance Marketing.

Payment is solely tied to the results we deliver, as we do not charge for setup or creative expenses. You only pay for the sales we generate.

Omnichannel marketing experts

Our omnichannel approach creates a variety of marketing campaigns, connecting customers with the right product at the right time, thereby driving success for our clients.

See what’s in our toolbox

Relationships matter

Our work methodology is intricately shaped by our view of client relationships. We not only acquire customers but also foster lasting partnerships by consistently leveraging smart data and world-class technology to connect clients to their customers. This allows us to deliver the right product at precisely the right moment.

How we work is who we are

We’re your partners in quality

Through the use of cutting edge technology we are able to profile data to ensure only the best quality customers, with the highest likelihood to convert into sales, are referred to our clients.

Industries within which we operate

Spanning from insurance and credit to telecommunication and value-added services, we have acquired expertise across various industries.

Companies that trust us

We’ve worked with some of South Africa’s biggest names in insurance, telecoms, banking, finance and more, helping them connect with customers and grow their business.