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About 3Way

Founded in 2007, 3Way delivers high quality consumer leads to consumer-facing businesses across the African continent. As one of South Africa’s largest lead generation agencies, we use a combination of traditional and state-of-the-art communication tools in order to provide sales-ready, POPI-compliant leads. We de-risk the process for our clients: they only pay for leads that convert – so if we don’t deliver, we don’t get paid. From a team of two, 3Way has grown to a team of almost 300 people today, all focused on the same goal: providing real value to their customers that’s risk free.

Business to the power of 3

Our three guiding principles have been the key to our success.


Connection is at the heart of what we do. Besides connecting clients to new customers, we also connect authentically with our clients to create valuable, enduring relationships based on mutual trust and respect.


We’re entrepreneurs by nature, which means the pursuit of growth is our driving force. Helping clients grow is what we do best, and we’re always looking for opportunities that will help us do this.


Our difference lies in our willingness to take risk alongside our clients. We believe so much in what we do and are so invested in our clients’ success that we only get paid for the leads that result in sales.

3Way timeline

Tom Goldgamer and Danny Aaron meet while working at Hollard.
Tom and Danny become business partners and launch an SEO business called Web Smart.
A third shareholder buys them out, and Danny and Tom launch 3Way Marketing from their living rooms. Because they left Hollard on good terms, they pitch their business to their old employer, which leads to them securing Hollard as their first client.
Armed with laptops only and still operating out of living rooms, the team grows to eight people. The neighbours begin to complain, and the business moves into its first office space.
3Way’s call centre business is launched, along with a number of other new businesses.
Additional businesses and verticals are added to the group, and 3Way Marketing becomes The Benater Production Group, to cover the diversified group of companies.

The 3Way group

We’re actively expanding our reach across the globe.
No matter where you’re based – from Brisbane to Boston – contact us to see how we can connect your business to your customers to help it thrive.

Our footprint

The Team

Danny Aaron

Co-founder and CEO

After cutting his teeth at Hollard as digital head for the Bank and Motor division, Danny left to start 3Way Marketing, taking Hollard with him as his first client. As the founder and CEO of 3Way, Danny is passionate about digital disruption through the value chain. He experiments and he disrupts, in a colourful blend of entrepreneurship, fintech, strategy and hard-earned wisdom. Danny has a BCom Hons in advanced marketing and advanced financed risk from Wits University.

Dov Slowatek

Head of Operations

Dov is an entrepreneur who has started, failed and succeeded in several businesses across various industries. He joined 3Way in 2013 with a vast amount of experience in the mobile phone and microlending industries, among others. Above all, Dov is skilled in marketing and lead generation, as well as online advertising, customer service, management, business development and operations. He holds a BSc Hons in Mathematics and Computational & Applied Mathematics from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Tom Goldgamer

Co-founder and Privacy Specialist

In 2007, while working as a General Manager in the Bank and Motor Division at Hollard, Tom met Danny and together they left to start 3Way Marketing. Tom is an experienced founder with a demonstrated track record of working in the digital and lead generation space, and is passionate about lead generation, business development and operations. He has an Honours in Industrial Psychology at RAU and PDM from Wits Business School, as well as an MBA from GIBS. 


Looking to join our team? 

We’re a young, vibrant, close-knit team who loves to work hard and play hard too. Keen to join the thriving 3Way family? Explore the vacancies we currently have.