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How our solutions work

Understanding your requirements

Based on your product / service, a custom solution is tailor made for you.

Project planning and data profiling

A project timeline will be
crafted and data segmented
based on your requireme.


Based on your product /
service, a custom solution is
tailor made for you.

Feedback and

Gain insights to what is
working best.

What we offer

Multi-channel marketing strategies

Omni-channel approach and diverse marketing strategies bring high volumes of new customers.

Data intelligence

In-depth reporting and analytics to target customers i.e. location, income proxy, asset indicator, affordability, marital and credit status.

End-to-end process management

Comprehensive approach to management, including dedicated Account Management, specialized training for sales teams to maximize conversion, integrating directly into clients’ systems, customized reporting.

Quality assurance services

Dedicated QA teams for our internal call center, and call listening and coaching for our clients’ sales teams.

POPI compliant leads

Game changing POPIA strategy so we can continue to deliver top quality leads.

Effective customer acquisition

Finding customers by using tailored and creative campaigns, specific to your target audience.

Risk based performance marketing

Interested in only paying for results? We don’t charge for set-up and/or creative fees. You only pay per lead or sale we generate

Case studies

Companies we’ve worked with in the credit industry