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Finding new target audiences for cellphone deals

The problem

Telecom company Phonefinder wanted an additional lead source for their current pipeline. They also wanted alternative strategies to improve data monetisation, as well as general digital marketing support.

The solution

We proposed a multi-channel approach to create more leads that would cover all bases and be optimised as the campaign progressed. These channels included SMS, Web, PCM and AVM, which is a channel we had never used before. In addition, we sent communications to our client base, which in turn expanded Phonefinder’s client base. Finally, we adjusted Phonefinder’s lead management system and created marketing strategies in order identify the audience we should be targeting.

The challenges

Initially, we struggled to find the right mix between telecom lead volumes and quality. It was also a challenge to monetise the low margin leads that we received.

The results

Over its six month duration, our telecom lead generation campaign produced a total of 144 000 leads for Phonefinder, at an average of 24 000 leads per month. At the campaign’s peak, we were sending Phonefinder 1200 leads per day. Overall, a total of 12 960 sales were generated from these leads, at a 9% conversion rate. This enabled Phonefinder to grow their engagement, and also to discover the most valuable audience to target using the ideal channel.

Average opt-in leads per month


Cold leads per month


Average sales per month

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