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3 Way Marketing: Using technology to boost businesses

It all started with humble beginnings in 2007: Two young entrepreneurs started a digital marketing agency with the aim of helping other businesses grow. Now, 3 Way Marketing is one of South Africa’s leading lead-generation agency.

Tom Goldgamer and Danny Aaron’s dream started eight years ago, with their idea of starting a company that focused entirely on one thing: matching customers with businesses. Their combined efforts saw them establishing 3 Way Marketing, a digital marketing agency headquartered in Johannesburg. Eight years on, their company has transformed into one of the largest and well-respected lead generation firm in the country.

3 Way Marketing offers an unprecedented lead generation service focused on quality. From its humble beginnings (a 2-person business operated from home), 3 Way Marketing has grown into a 150-employee agency, backed by its own 80-seater call centre. The agency sets itself apart, because it offers its clients a risk-free advertising strategy – in essence, clients only pay for what they get, (no hidden costs). In return, 3 Way Marketing gets paid based on the performance and quality of their campaigns; which is precisely why there is a section of the call centre whose focus is purely on quality control. This department’s core focus is customer satisfaction, and they call each and every generated lead to make sure that they were adequately assisted.

The company utilises a range of digital marketing channels in order to generate leads for its clients. In order to ensure pristine lead quality, 3 Way Marketing has developed departments within the company who specialise within each channel.

Their channels:

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Automated Voice Messaging
  • Google Pay Per Click
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Banner Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Marketing

Business Acquisitions

Through their expertise in digital technology and the eagerness to try new avenues, 3 Way Marketing has been expanding their reach into other industries. Each new venture, while being unique in its own right has a common thread, which is creating a platform where interested buyers can find the most relevant seller in the most efficient way possible. Below are some of their new acquisitions and start-up affiliations:

Fix My Life is an online portal which allows home owners and residents to find reliable service providers at the click of a button. This includes a range of home maintenance services, from builders to security installations. New services are added all the time, and the best part is that all the servicemen are vetted. Currently operating in Johannesburg and Pretoria, this much needed operation will soon be introduced in all major cities around South Africa.

Phonefinder tackles the frustrating problem faced by millions of South Africans every year – the problem of choosing the best cell phone contract to suit your budget and needs. There are literally thousands of options to choose from and Phonefinder lists them all in a neat, orderly and most importantly unbiased way.

Phonefinder is on track to becoming the number one destination for everything mobile – a one stop shop for everything mobile. Be it cell phone repairs, device solutions, easy SIM top-ups for data or voice, news, reviews, games or insurance – Phonefinder has it all.

All My Stuff brings you up to 10 Car and Home insurance quotes in less than 4 minutes! This convenient service makes finding multiple quotes, quickly and easily. Quotes that you find on allmystuff.co.za, are accurate and up-to-the minute. This takes all the hassle out of quote-hunting, saving you time and money!

Hudlr is a product that helps clients understand their consumer-base, better. Information on over 22 million financially active South Africans is available. This means that you can target your marketing efforts based on available data. This can include geo-targeting and demographics such as age, gender and location, amongst other factors. Hudlr helps you garner a deeper understanding of local markets.

With ever-evolving technology, 3 Way Marketing is determined to continue refining their craft and delivering innovative and mission-critical solutions for their clients’ needs. The sky is the limit.